JUNE 26 - 28, 2019
Dallas, TX

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19th Shared Services for Finance & Accounting

When it comes to connecting you with industry leaders who know how best to simplify, standardize, centralize, and optimize your finance shared services, no other event compares. ...

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Shared Services for Finance & Accounting 2019: Past Attendee List

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.

Top Challenges in Finance & Accounting 2019

The SSON Team surveyed 100+industry leaders to uncover top challenges faced in the industry.Find out what the top 5 challenges are faced by Finance and Accounting leaders & this June 26th-28th, discover innovative products and services for your business to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Our sponsors fully grasp what is happening inside your competition, take...

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Past Presentations

A Collection of Past Presentations

In preparation for the 19th Annual Shared Services for Finance & Accounting Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Close Your Books Faster and With Confidence: Moving Away From and Eliminating Manual Practices to Achieve Balance Sheet Integrity: Brian Yahne,...

Close Your Books Faster and With Confidence: Moving Away From and Eliminating Manual Practices to Achieve Balance Sheet Integrity

A perpetual challenge across finance is how to close books faster. And while many organizations have implemented technology to achieve greater speed and accuracy as well as increased visibility, there are still those who have yet to adopt and integrate technology into their FASS. In this presentation, Brian Yahne, Director,...

Establishing a Global FSSO

As companies look to streamline processes and have more visibility throughout their global organizations, SSOs have often found they also need to make the jump from an in-country or regional SSO to a global one.Bryce Tawney, Fmr., Sr. Director Lead for Integration, Halliburton; Advisory Board Member, University of North Texas...

Take Your FSSO to the Next Level by Successfully Standardizing and Automating for Complex Processes

All too often, companies treat automation as a quick fix for simplifying complex processes. However, unless processes are standardized and repeatable beforehand, implementing a new BPA solution will only complicate the process further. In this presentation,Cindy Pauls, CMA, Director of Shared Service, Borden Dairy Co., presents on how to re-design...

Case Study: The First Year Out, What to Expect and How to Measure Success

Hear first-hand about the challenges and successes achieved in the early implementation stage of a SSO. What does success look like? How do you measure it? What unexpected challenges were encountered before and after launch? This presentation shares insights on what you should expect in your first year out, as...

Partnership Matters: Guiding Principles to Build an Effective Long-term Relationship with Your Outsourcing Provider

An outsourcing provider should be a true business partner-- someone who understands your organization and its needs and should be fully invested in your continuous improvement goals. In this presentation, Ethel Tamondong, Enterprise Financial Services, Warner Bros., presents on:Qualities of a good BPO PartnerBuilding the foundation: Adopting a model that...

Fundamentals of Moving From Concept to Delivery in Shared Services

Every organization has a different business culture and may implement or develop its shared services model (SSO) differently. However, throughout the process there are proven steps that need to be taken to build a solution that fits your company and enables you to create a scalable platform to support future...

Keynote Case Study: Brinks Financial Journey to Implementing a Shared Services

In this keynote presentation, find out how Brinks Financial successfully developed and implemented a financial Shared Services. Naresh will take you through their journey providing a detailed analysis of each step of their journey. Specifically, Naresh Srinivasan, Vice President – Controller & Shared Services, Brinks Financial Shared Services, presents on:Defining...

Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement From the Onset That Will Enable Your Journey to Global Process Ownership

Establishing an effective culture of continuous improvement is one of the most challenging aspects of shared services delivery, but when executed correctly, it can also be the most rewarding—the heart of your organization. But how can you create a “shifting mindset” to achieve a business-wide improvement? In this presentation, Steven...

The War for Talent: Build a Strategy for Recruiting & Retaining Today's FSSO Top Talent

SSO executives do not shy away from sharing that the talent struggle is real. And even in the age of automation and robots, humans still play a crucial role in your day-to-day SSO and GBO, as they are crucial to the success and growth of your organization. A strong team...


North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019

Access the North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019 to learn about the trends and opportunities the occurring in the industry. Review the data and analytics provided by the top shared services leaders for insights into Shared Services.

Exclusive Content

Promapp - The Secret to Unleashing an Unstoppable Improvement Culture

Promapp was a participating sponsor at the 17th Shared Serviced for Finance & Accounting. Check out their whitepaper!

5 Ways to Leverage RPA, Regardless of the Size of Your Organization

Historically, RPA has experienced somewhat of a mixed reception by employees who fear of being replaced and senior leadership who often dismiss it as relevant only to organizations that deal with high transactional volumes and big budgets. Despite these views, the demand for RPA tools is growing quickly and is...

Customer Experience Solution: Automation

As organizations seek new routes to efficiency by staying productive, while adhering to governance and quality standards, they hope to increase their speed-to-market and turn-around times. In cases where processes are vast and recurring, doing things manually is no longer an option. One of the ways to achieve efficiency, especially...

2018 State of Finance & Accounting Shared Services in the US

This visual analytics report on F&A shared services centres in the United States gives you a snapshot of the current state of things in 2018 as well as explore the prevailing challenges.

Tech Trends 2018: The Symphonic Enterprise

The theme of this year’s Tech Trends report is the symphonic enterprise, an idea that describes strategy, technology, and operations working together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries. This is the ninth edition  of Tech  Trends, and in a way, it represents the culmination of our dogged efforts to examine...

Rise of the Humans 2

This paper continues our exploration from our original Rise of the Humans. Part 1 we focus on the issues arising from Intelligent Automation in the workplace and its impact on shaping the workforce of the future. Part 2 explores in more detail what is involved in workforce shaping and is...


5 Predictions on How RPA Will Drive Finance Forward

Check out this article to learn the top five 2019 predictions for RPA within finance!


Allianz Takes an Ecosystem Approach to Intelligent Automation

The diversity of customers now trialing and adopting Intelligent Automation exposes the complexity and challenges of doing it right—from small pilots and discrete sub-process deployments to, increasingly,major transformation programs claiming RPA at the core. Take a look at this interview with global insurer Allianz to see how they went about...