JUNE 26 - 28, 2019
Dallas, TX


2019 Sponsors

Website: www.abbyy.com

ABBYY is a global provider of content intelligence solutions and services. We offer a complete range of AI-based technologies and solutions transforming business documents and content into business value. By providing digital transformation solutions to financial services, insurance, transportation, healthcare and other industries, ABBYY helps organizations achieve the next wave... Read More

Website: http://www.clearsulting.com

Clearsulting is not your typical consulting firm. We take pride in the straightforward, “roll up our sleeves” manner in which we partner with our clients to deliver clear solutions in the following areas: Shared Services, Technology, Finance Transformation, Risk & Controls, and Analytics & Insight. Our people have worked for... Read More

Fortress IQ
Website: http://www.fortressiq.com/

FortressIQ delivers the defining platform for managing automation within the Global 2000. We believe that algorithms and bots work best when they’re managed like employees: given the tools they need to succeed while being held to clear standards of success. Our mission is to help this new ‘digital workforce’ thrive... Read More

Website: http://www.redwood.com/robotics

Redwood Software helps companies accelerate digital process transformation. We eliminate the costs, risks and wasted time of manual tasks within business and IT processes and deliver up to 100% automation across finance, supply chain, HR, IT and other operations.The Redwood RoboticsTM platform, helps customers achieve the shortest time to value... Read More

Website: http://www.scottmadden.com

ScottMadden, Inc. is a leading management consulting firm specializing in shared services, outsourcing advisory services, and the energy industry. ScottMadden began to develop its sharedservices practice in 1994. Since that time, we have helped many clients with the design, implementation, and operation of shared services within their organizations. Our experience... Read More

Website: http://www.Softomotive.com

Softomotive offers sharp business solutions, premium support and professional services that organisations need to get the most out of their enterprise automation. Trusted by more than 6,000 companies worldwide, Softomotive is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation providers. The company has been operating for more than 10 years in... Read More

Ui Path
Website: http://www.uipath.com

UiPath is leading the “Automation First” era – championing one robot for every person, delivering free and open training and collaboration and enabling robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning. Led by a commitment to bring digital era skills to more than a million people, the company’s enterprise... Read More